More on G+ Circles

One of the interesting things that I discovered on Google+ this week is that you can add yourself to a circle. Why would you do that? What I did was create a circle called “Myself” which only had me in it. Whenever I push something to “Myself” alone it acts as a kind of note pad. And I can click back to see what what I wrote to “Myself” as a task list or idea board.

Perhaps the biggest downside to Circles is that once you put someone in them you can’t suppress their content from the main “stream” which includes everyone. This isn’t such a big deal when all of your G+ buddies are posting only safe for work content. But say you want to add your friend who is an erotic novelist, or that guy who does the awesome stuff from Dr. Sketchy’s, or your special friend who does burlesque. It goes right into the main stream, even if the content is far from mainstream. G+ needs to absolutely allow the user to customize which circles go into the main stream and which don’t. Easy way would be to suppress the content from one circle from the main stream. Call that your NSFW circle and just put all your special friends in there. BUT, this doesn’t happen yet, and it should. To make the main stream default to everyone makes it just like Facebook, the big house party that’s full of weird and embarrassing things you wouldn’t want your mother, or your boss, to know about.


3 comments on “More on G+ Circles

  1. Have you tried hangout option ? it will be more funnier 🙂

  2. Linear Fix says:

    I have a list on Facebook with just myself to control the privacy options. 🙂

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